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Repairman TuningAndRepair.com makes it easy for you to find a musical instrument specialist near you. If you are a piano tuner, luthier, brass / woodwind specialist or other expert, please register today - we can help you to promote your services.

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Master Piano Technicians of America
Some members
Len Hess Piano Service
(San Antonio TX, United States)
Len Hess Piano Service Len Hess Piano Service has 35 years of experience. We are second-generation piano technicians, who specialize in rebuilding gran...
Matthias Rom Piano Tuning and Repair
(Canada, Canada)
Matthias Rom Piano Tuning and Repair Fine Piano Tuning, Expert Piano Repairs, Valued Improvements, Piano Appraisals Matthias Rom is a Registered Piano Technician...
Piano Wise Inc
(Goulds, Canada)
Piano Wise Inc Joe Tompkins is a RPT with the Piano technicians guild for the past 35 years. Joe has operated his own business for the past 30...
R and T Music Studio and Luthier Services
(Red Deer, Canada)
R and T Music Studio and Luthier Services Terry Ferster is a 36 year certified and licensed Alberta Teacher. In addition, Terry holds a Master Diploma from Scottsdale, Ar...
Eric Roberts
(Dayton, United States)
Eric Roberts Mention the stie TuningandRepair.com and get $5.00 off your first tuning! I provide professional piano tuning and repair an...
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So don't delay! If you are not a member already it is easy to join by clicking here.

admin on July 18 2013 12:29:52
TuningAndRepair.com - Musical Instrument Specialists near you

TuningAndRepair.com - Are you a piano tuner, instrument repairer, instrument maker, luthier, or other instrument expert?

TuningAndRepair.com is a free site which makes it easy for people to find piano tuners and other instrument experts in their area. Promote your services today by creating a profile at TuningAndRepair.com. Find work in your area - it only takes a minute to register and it is completely free.

  • Search Facility - We have created an enhanced search facility which allows you to easily locate musical instrument experts near to you.

  • Photo Gallery - You can upload photos of yourself or your business.

  • Videos - upload a video sample of your work.

  • Forums - Talk with other instrument experts on our discussion forums.

We hope that you find TuningAndRepair.com useful, and would of course appreciate your feedback concerning the website. If you feel that there are any features you would like or things that could be improved, please do not hesitate to let us know. Your feedback helps us to improve our site!

admin on June 04 2010 16:29:59
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