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There are currently 613 members at TuningAndRepair.com. This directory contains a summary of members and news items at TuningAndRepair.com. The directory is primarily designed to make our member profiles accessible to search engines. You may find it easier to locate members on our site using our search facility.

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Recent Professional Members

Ke Ha - (Montreal, Canada)
Piano Wise Inc - (Goulds, Canada)
R and T Music Studio and Luthier Services - (Red Deer, Canada)
Lorraine Bolger - (Belper, United Kingdom)
Matthias Rom Piano Tuning and Repair - (Canada, Canada)
Jeffrey Cutler - (Stillwater, United States)
Eric Roberts - (Dayton, United States)

Other Recent Members

Jema Pianos - (Panania, Australia)
Test Test - (London, United Kingdom)
Buckeye Piano Tuning - (Akron, United States)
Andy's Piano Service - (Lynchburg, United States)
Piano Paradise - (New Ashongman, Ghana)
Greenwich Piano Services - (London, United Kingdom)
Joan Deming - (Minneapolis, United States)
Mayuko Takagi - (Ottawa, Canada)
Scott Copeland Piano Tuning - (Garland, Texas, United States)
Gillian Ffiske-Morgan - (Southsea, United Kingdom)


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A Happy New Year from Tuning and Repair! Enjoy a 25% New Year Discount! - (Mon 1st Jan, 2024)
A Happy New Year from Tuning and Repair! - (Sat 31st Dec, 2022)
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Happy New Year 2021 - (Fri 1st Jan, 2021)
Website Upgrades at TuningAndRepair.com - July 2019 - (Tue 23rd Jul, 2019)
Happy New Year 2019 - (Mon 7th Jan, 2019)
Happy New Year 2018 - (Wed 3rd Jan, 2018)
Happy New Year 2017 - (Mon 2nd Jan, 2017)
New Year Greetings for 2016 - (Thu 7th Jan, 2016)
Happy New Year to all our members! Best wishes for 2014 - (Tue 7th Jan, 2014)
Professional Membership at Tuning and Repair - (Thu 18th Jul, 2013)
25% OFF Professional Membership - Offer Expires on the 16th of January so HURRY! - (Mon 7th Jan, 2013)
TuningAndRepair.com - Musical Instrument Specialists near you - (Fri 4th Jun, 2010)
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